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Freegal is a downloadable music service from your library which provides music from the Sony Entertainment catalog. All you need is your library card number. Download up to 5 mp3 files weekly

Watch a how-to video here!

Are the songs really free?

This service is underwritten by the Friends of the Rye Public Library. The music is free in the sense that most things in the library are free to you as a patron of the library.


hooplaHoopla digital is a new service offered by Rye Public Library bringing you an enormous selection of digital video (movies and TV shows), music, audiobooks, ebooks and comics! Hoopla has pioneered a unique model that allows patrons to borrow content immediately, without holds or wait lists.  This truly maximizes the power of digital content and Internet distribution.  Click  for our instruction sheet, or link direct to the hoopla website.   Download free hoopla apps for your Apple or Android devices too!

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