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Seacoast Tibetan Prayer Flag Project at RPL April 8-24

Please visit RPL before April 24 to take part in this exciting project!  For two weeks [April 8-24, 2017 -culminating with Earth Day 2017] a forty-foot long [and growing!] strand of  colorful and individually meaningful pennants in the style of Tibetan prayer flags is on display and accepting new additions.  The concept was initiated by students at Gateway  Taiji studio in Portsmouth, and the Library is happy to be the flag’s first stop as it begins to travel to various Seacoast locations.  In Tibetan tradition,  flags whose colors symbolize sky, air,  fire, water, and earth are printed with mantras encouraging peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.  Strings of these flags are hung in the open to allow their message to be blown by the wind and spread to all. While it is here in Rye, our visitors are encouraged to craft their own addition to this growing Seacoast strand and its positive message to the universe.


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