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Rye Public Library is proudly participating in the Town of Rye’s Deterra drug disposal pouch distribution plan. Rye residents are invited to obtain free Deterra narcotic collection pouches at the Rye Public Library as part of a town wide program to fight the addiction epidemic by providing a safe deactivation and disposal method for unused prescription drugs.

Each Deterra bag contains a water-soluble inner pod containing MAT12® activated carbon. Once the pharmaceuticals are placed in the pouch, you add warm water, which dissolves the inner pod releasing the activated carbon. The warm water also dissolves prescription pills, patches and liquids allowing them to be adsorbed by the carbon, rendering them inert and irretrievable. The bags being distributed can dispose of 45 pills, 6 ounces of fluid, or 6 patches. The pills can be a mix of different types, so separate bags are not necessary for each medication. Deterra will deactivate any organic medications including opioids. However, it will not adsorb any metals such as Iron or lithium contained in certain medications. If your medication has specific disposal instructions, please follow the directions as given.

Additional information can be found at If you have further questions about using the bags or the program in general, please call the Rye Police Department at 964-7450.