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Rye Public Library Policy Index

The following policies are currently accepted by the Rye Public Library Board of Trustees and in effect at the Rye Public Library. “ These policies are scheduled for annual review and, if necessary, revision. “ Such revisions will be reflected in the policies contained in this index, thereby keeping this resource current and accurate. “ Please click on the policy name to access the full policy in .pdf format.

Current Rye Public Library Policy

Acceptance of Gifts Policy

Animals on Property

Art Acceptance and Display

Building Evacuation

Bulletin Boards


 Meeting Rooms

Document Retention

Flu Control

Inter-library Loan



Materials Selection

American Library Association Library Bill of Rights

American Library Association Freedom to Read Statement

Patron Behavior Guidelines

Privacy and Confidentiality

Reference Service Policy

Social Media

American Library Association Confidentiality of Library Records Statement

Use of Weapons in Library and on Library Property

Volunteer Policy

Wireless Internet