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Andrew Richmond

Andrew Richmond,  Director of the Rye Public Library holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Plymouth State University and a Master of Library Science degree from the University of Rhode Island.   Andy was awarded the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association 2015 Library Director of the Year Award in October 2015.   Director of R.P.L. since November, 2009, he was previously the Assistant Director of the Kelley Library in Salem, NH, and the former Director of the Nichols Memorial Library in Kingston, NH.   Andy has roots in the area’s visual arts community, and has tried his hand at writing, with a short story selected for, and published in, the Live Free or Undead collection . Andy lives in Portsmouth with his wife and daughters.

Current Library Director’s Report  Report is written in year indicated, reflecting on previous year.

RPL Library Director’s Report Archive



Staff boat tour

 RPL Staff 2013 Summer Team-Builder On The Uncle Oscar

From left: Andy Richmond, Guest, Lisa Houde, Tricia Quinn, Guest, Pam Woods, Martha Jones, Juliette Doherty, Gwen Putnam-Bailey, Shawna Healy
Absent: Lisa Breton-Eaton, Jim Chase, Margaret Hutchins, Brenda Nolette

Tricia Quinn, Associate Director

Adult Services
Juliette Doherty, Adult Services Assistant Librarian
Lisa Breton-Eaton, Technology Librarian
Shawna Healy, Adult Services Assistant Librarian
Gwen Putnam-Bailey, Adult Services Assistant Librarian
Pam Woods, Technical Services/Inter-Library Loan

Youth Services
Lisa Houde, Youth Services Director
Margaret Hutchins, Youth Services Assistant Librarian
Brenda Nolette, Youth Services Assistant Librarian

Library Page
Brianna Mastro

Jim Chase