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Public Computers

The library has public computers that are available to everyone. Computers are set to a 30-min session limit. The upstairs area contains four Chromebox computers which all print through Google Print. Note that the Chromebox computers are Google computers so are limited to browsing, viewing downloaded PDFs and images, and accessing your Google apps. If you don’t already have a Google account, you are encouraged to create one so that your documents follow you no matter where you go.

The Youth Lab contains four Chromebox computers which also print through Google Print and are intended for youth use only.

Before using one of our public computers or your own laptop on our wireless network, you will be prompted to read and accept our Acceptable Use Policy.


Wireless Internet Access

The Library provides wireless access to everyone. When you are at the library locate the wireless network called “RPL(pswd=…” in your Wi-Fi network listing on your device. Once connected, open your browser to accept the RPL Internet Policy (see below).

The wireless network is public and unsecured, so please make sure that your computer is protected from viruses and malware. For more details, please read our Wireless Internet Policy.




The RPL computers all print through Google Print. 
***It is not advised to print a large quantity page document or a large number of the same image due to the nature of Google Print. 

.10/per black page
.25/per color page

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