Non-Appointment Browsing is Here!

On Thursday April 1st we will begin offering daily half-hour browsing sessions without advance reservation! The weekday sessions will begin at 11:00 AM with the final session ending at 4:30 PM. [last entry at 4PM] On Saturdays, sessions start at 10:00 AM and finish up at 2:30 [last entry at 2PM]. As with earlier service phases this latest pilot service will be discontinued if local, regional or national conditions warrant reversal.

Our foyer pick-up service for reserved materials will continue uninterrupted. The browsing time windows allow us some morning and afternoon hours without browsers to manage this popular service. Book returns can be made in the outside drop box, or carried in to the building during browsing hours. Staff will indicate where returns should be deposited.

A few details on browsing sessions:

To separate traffic between those coming into the Library building and those making a foyer pick-up, we ask that all patrons enter and exit the building through the historic entry facing Washington Road. It’s just a short walk around from the glass foyer. [please see Building Access and Safety below if you need adaptive access.]

Please do not enter Rye Public Library if you have been asked to quarantine in the past 7-14 days, experienced flu-like symptoms in the past 7-14 days, cared for someone with flu-like symptoms in the past 7-14 days, or traveled outside the state of New Hampshire in the past 7-14 days using public transportation.

In respect for the health concerns of our most vulnerable community members we request that the first hour each day be attended only by those individuals. [11-12 weekdays, 10-2

Browsing Sessions: You will be asked to limit your time in the building to 30 minutes. This timing will be consistent for browsing, computer, or any other purpose of entry.

Building Access and Safety: You are welcome to enter and exit the Rye Public Library via the historic entry facing Washington Road. If you have mobility issues preventing your climbing three short stairs to that entry, please let us know in advance for alternative arrangements.

A maximum building capacity will be maintained. You may have to wait to enter until others leave

Visitors will be required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing standards during the extent of their visit. [We can supply masks if you forget yours. Gloves are also available upon request.]

• You’ll make a quick log in with your name and contact info for tracing if necessary. We also have a couple of screening questions to check off at log-in.
• A hand sanitizer station will be available for each visitor to use upon entry.
• There will be no public access to the library restrooms due to health security concerns.
• Youth and teen rooms will be open for browsing, but play and computer facilities will be unavailable. Youth age 16 and above are welcome to visit the teen area without parental supervision. All other children must be accompanied by an adult.
• Computer stations and other high touch areas will be disinfected between sessions.
• Library staff will also be wearing face coverings and maintaining physical distancing while in the building.
• All staff will need to remain 6 feet away from users when interacting.