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Space Needs and Utilization Study

The final report from this study can be accessed here.

As part of our renewed strategic planning initiative, the Rye Public Library Board of Trustees undertook a modest preliminary study to determine any changes from existing conditions that might be appropriate and desirable in order to better satisfy the needs and expectations for the delivery of continued and enhanced public library services to the Rye community.

After a Request for Qualifications and Proposals process, this Space Needs and Utilization Study was conducted  by the chosen firm of Lavallee Brensinger Architects.  The study reviewed the existing Rye Public Library (RPL) building, grounds and operations.   In addition to the data collected by our 2016 Town Survey Questionnaire The results of this study will be integrated into the update of the RPL Strategic Plan, the Town of Rye Master Plan, the Town of Rye Capital Improvements Plan, and the Rye Facilities Master Plan. Public opinion and input will be collected and included in the Study and strategic planning processes.  The Study addressed the following elements:

  1. An overview and assessment of current use and needs compared with those over the next thirty years, considering the following:
  • Changing demographics; identification of trends and best practices in library service.
  • Collections, including new formats
  • Staffing
  • Programming: Impact of new programs and services on space needs.
  • Qualitative and functional assessment of space to programmatic needs including specifics relative to youth and young adult programming.
  • Public computing/connectivity
  • Gathering spaces, e.g. meeting, conference, and group/personal study rooms
  • Café space
  • Public and staff parking
  • Maintenance, supply and storage areas
  • Other non-assignable space such as vestibules, mechanical rooms, and restrooms.2. Recommendations for optimal space use and allocation. Criteria that must be considered when deciding whether to renovate or build new space-or both i.e. renovate existing space and add new space to the renovated existing space.3.Structured meetings in a community forum to review of the above considering findings in regards to both quantity and quality of space.4.Any and all other ideas and suggestions that may arise during the Programmatic Needs Assessment process.


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