Story Time

Story Time
(approximately ages 3-7)

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Happy Autumn (9/22)!
Let’s celebrate the autumnal equinox with some colorful, leafy, getting chilly, books! Our craft will be a fingerprint tree. You’ll need a few colors of paint and white or blue construction paper.
The Great Monarch Migration!
It’s getting too cold for these beautiful butterflies. Let’s learn where they go and how they do it.
We’ll make our own monarch butterfly. 
You’ll need black, orange & white paper, felt, or foam sheets, scissors and glue.
It’s almost Halloween!  We have a gourd-full of Halloween books! And, with all that fun reading we need a bookmark. We’ll make the cutest bookmarks ever. 
You’ll need a wooden stick, markers or paint, colored paper or foam sheets, scissors and glue. 
October is filled with pretending. We pretend to be ghosts, princesses and more. Let’s read some fun, and surprising, animal books and pretend to be different animals.
Owls, owls and more owls! Let’s hoot into some owl books and make our own little gourd owl. You’ll need paints, some type of gourd, big google eyes or markers and fabric or paper, scissors and glue.