Story Time

Story Time

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Thursday, April 15th

Earth Day is next week! Let’s celebrate our magical home. We’ll learn some things about this amazing Earth and plant a seed to grow some green!

You’ll need: a clear plastic cup, planting soil, some quick-sprouting seeds (e.g. marigold, zinnia, cosmos), and a little cup of water. 

Thursday, April 22NO STORY TIME. See you next week. 🙂

Thursday, April 29th

Fun hat day! Although it’s not a national holiday, I think it should be! It is at the library! We have lots of entertaining hat books, some are my favorites….Caps for Sale and This Is Not My Hat. After some stories we’ll make our own SILLY hats. 

For the craft you’ll need: A paper bowl (that fits on child’s head), odds & ends to decorate the hat (e.g. feathers, pom-poms, stickers, fuzzy-sticks/pipe-cleaners, buttons, yarn, tape, ribbon, and a hole puncher. 

Thursday, May 6th

Mother’s Day is around the corner….. Oh, glorious! Let’s celebrate our wonderful moms. We’ll make something very special for MOM. 

For the crafty gift you’ll need: craft paint, white paper, colored paper, paper straws (optional), markers, scissors and glue. 

Thursday, May 13th

Fly Butter Fly!  Silly, no flying butter here. Just butterflies. We have so many butterfly books each child may select one for Marcia to read. Then we’ll make a colorful butterfly mask.

For the craft you’ll need: a butterfly mask template, a variety of colored paper (preferably card stock), foam pieces (optional), glitter or a glitter pen(optional), a wooden craft stick, scissors and glue.  

Thursday, May 20th

 April was about showers and May is about, you got it, FLOWERS! Books are blossoming at the library. Let’s see some flower books come alive before making a fantastically-fun flower pot hat!

For the craft you’ll need: a variety of colored card stock or construction paper, scissors, glue and tape. 

Thursday, May 27th

Memorial Day is Monday, 5/31. Let’s learn about this important day in our country and honor it by making our flag. 

For the craft you’ll need: red, white and blue paper, scissors, glue, and white star stickers.