Story Time

Story Time

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Thursday, January 28
Did someone say penguins? I LOVE penguins. Especially penguins that get the hiccups! Join us for a rollicking good time with penguins and more. We’ll make our own penguin friend, too!
You’ll need a paper roll, black, white and yellow paper, google eyes, scissors and glue.

Thursday, January 21st
Winter trees have their own bare beauty. We’ll read fun and informative books about trees in the winter time followed by a craft that will bring you outside for a little adventure. Collect a handful of twigs from the ground to make your own tree art. In addition to the twigs, you’ll need a piece of paper to glue your tree onto,white paint and a paintbrush or white chalk, and liquid craft glue.

Thursday, February 4th
Start your engines! Let’s read about TRUCKS & BULLDOZERS. vroom vroom!
We’ll make a dump truck craft too.
Craft: colored construction paper, scissors and glue.

Thursday, February 11th
It’s almost Valentine’s Day! We have lots of LOVEly books to read. We’ll learn a bit about this special day and make a heart suncatcher.
Craft: flat clear plastic, gems or different colored tissue paper, glue, hole puncher and yarn.

Thursday, February 18th
The solar system is AWESOME! Let’s learn about our planet neighbors and make a solar system craft.
Craft: white paper, 1 large piece of black paper, blue, yellow, green and red watercolor or other kid-friendly paint (any colors will do), glue and scissors.

Thursday, February 25th
Don’t you love MUSIC! We’re going to sing, read some musical books and make our very own instrument!
Craft: Clear plastic bottle with cap, something to make music (rice, beans, beads, marbles), ribbon for streamers and tape.