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What if my hold comes in while I’m Away?

Are you going on vacation and on hold for some titles? No Worries! You have the ability to log in to your library account *** and suspend your hold(s) until you get back. What the system does is automatically place you back as the next person in line as of the suspend date.

After you log in to your account ***, go to your “Account Activity” tab. Select the titles (by clicking on the box to the right of each title) and then click on the “Suspend Until” link. Choose the date to re-activate your holds.

Remember that we hold items on the hold shelf for 3 days so if you don’t want to lose your place in the hold queue, use the suspend feature any time you will be away.


***To access your library account, you will need your full library card number and your pin # (which you may or may not have set up when you got your library card). If you aren’t sure what it is or would like to assign a pin #, call the library at 964-8401.

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