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Children’s Resources

A-to-Z Maps
The world’s largest subscription-based database of proprietary and royalty-free world, continent, country, and state maps. Included in the 4,000+ maps are: political maps, physical maps, outline maps, population maps, precipitation maps, climate maps, and other thematic maps. New maps are added to the collection every month.

Tackles every subject from math to music with humorous animated movies. It breaks down even the most complex concepts into easy-to-understand chunks, and uses relatable, real-life scenerios as examples. Some of the site’s content is subscription based and not all accessible. Adobe Flash Player is required to play BrainPOP movies.

DK Find Out!
What’s DK Findout! all about? —Building a safe place online to see, learn, and explore almost everything.

Brings news and other non-fictional content for kids. You can filter stories based on categories or grades that the material is suitable for.

Games are one language that every kid seems to understand without needing to learn it from someone. Funology makes full use of this fact to help children master math, spelling, reading, and more.

Has instructions sets to help kids to try their hands at science experiments, arts and crafts projects, and even magic tricks. It also has plenty of games, jokes, and trivia that you can stock up on for later.

Learn to Type

As much as kids dread math, they seem to dread history even more. What if they had a chance to “be there” when the events from our collective past unfolded? Wouldn’t they want to learn more about those times? The folks at sites like MissionUS certainly think so.

National Geographic Kids
Like its magazine counterpart, the interactive Nat Geo Kids website gets kids excited and curious about the world around them. The website’s home page is a mosaic of colorful, clickable content designed to appeal to young minds. Stunning photos and videos of a wide variety of places, flora, and fauna keep both kids and adults hooked.

Rich Kid Smart Kid (RKSK)
Like it or not, money often makes our world go around, and learning how to handle it is one of the most vital non-geeky skills to have. Give your kids a head start toward financial literacy by teaching them some key concepts about money. Rich Kid Smart Kid does all the work for you. RKSK uses free interactive games to explain ideas like cash flow, saving, investing, and business. Two adorable cartoon characters, Reno and Toki, are in charge of guiding the kids through the website.

Coding is one of the best tech skills that you can encourage your kids to take up. But you won’t have much success getting them to explore it if you don’t make programming fun. Leave that job to Scratch – a web app that teaches coding with visual tools and an easy-to-use interface.

Science Bob
Halloween may have come and gone, but you can try these Halloween-inspired experiments anytime. Think glowing drinkable beverages and dancing ghosts! They sound like just the things that’ll make your kids sit up and take notice, right? Well, those are the kind of experiment ideas that you’ll find on the Science Bob website.

Learning to spell and pronounce words correctly can seem like a mammoth task to kids. They need all the help and encouragement you can give them. Begin by introducing your kids to SpellUp, an interactive oral spelling games available on Google Chrome.


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